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Berio To Sing
Lucile Richardot, Les Cris de Paris and Geoffroy Jourdain
Harmonia Mundi
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April 2, 2021

Few twentieth-century creators have been as inventive as Berio in their relationship with the history of music, with popular and ancestral traditions, drawing material, as he did, from both Beatles hits and the soundscapes of street and market. Here Geoffroy Jourdain paints the portrait of an explorer with a passion for the human voice. Truculent and volcanic in Sequenza III (performed with panache by Lucile Richardot), lyrical and caressing in E si fussi pisci, solemn and spellbinding in Cries of London . . . Berio To Sing throws open the doors to a colourful universe, extravagantly playful and, in a word, exhilarating!

Peu de créateurs du XXe siècle se sont montrés aussi inventifs que Berio dans leur relation à l’histoire de la musique, aux traditions populaires et ancestrales, puisant son matériau dans les succès des Beatles, les ambiances sonores de la rue ou des marchés. Geoffroy Jourdain nous brosse ici le portrait d’un explorateur passionné par la voix humaine. Truculent et éruptif dans la Sequenza III, interprétée avec panache par Lucile Richardot, lyrique et caressant dans E si fussi pisci, solennel et envoûtant dans les Cries of London… ce Berio To Sing nous ouvre les portes d’un univers bigarré, follement ludique et en un mot : réjouissant !

  1. 1 Sequenza III 8:48
  2. 2 Cries of London: 1. These are the cries of London town 1:13
  3. 3 Cries of London: 2. Where are ye fair maids 1:30
  4. 4 Cries of London: 3. Garlic, good garlic 2:07
  5. 5 Cries of London: 4. These are the cries of London town 1:05
  6. 6 Cries of London: 5. These are the cries of London town 1:15
  7. 7 Cries of London: 6. Money, penny come to me 3:11
  8. 8 Cries of London: 7. Come (buy some old cry to me) 3:29
  9. 9 O King 4:49
  10. 10 Folk Songs: 1. Black is the colour 2:43
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