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J.S. Bach: The Complete Works for Keyboard vol. #3
Benjamin Alard
Harmonia Mundi
Catalogue Number
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June 12, 2020

The French style
Having already attracted attention for his exceptional gifts, Bach entered the service of the Weimar court at the age of twenty-three. This was the start of the period known as his ‘early maturity’, in which his formal and expressive experiments reflect a significant interest in French music and ‘la belle danse’. The close intertwining of French and German styles is the dominant feature of this third volume in Benjamin Alard’s recording of the complete organ and harpsichord works.
'A remarkable complete set of Bach’s keyboard music is gradually being built up.’ – ResMusica

  1. 1 Ouverture (Suite) in F Major, BWV 820: I. Ouverture Benjamin Alard 2:42
  2. 2 Ouverture (Suite) in F Major, BWV 820: II. Entrée Benjamin Alard 1:24
  3. 3 Ouverture (Suite) in F Major, BWV 820: III. Menuet - IV. Trio Benjamin Alard 1:48
  4. 4 Ouverture (Suite) in F Major, BWV 820: V. Bourrée Benjamin Alard 0:33
  5. 5 Ouverture (Suite) in F Major, BWV 820: VI. Gigue Benjamin Alard 0:43
  6. 6 Suite in F Minor, BWV 823: I. Prélude Benjamin Alard 1:57
  7. 7 Suite in F Minor, BWV 823: II. Sarabande en rondeau Benjamin Alard 2:33
  8. 8 Suite in F Minor, BWV 823: III. Gigue Benjamin Alard 2:07
  9. 9 Præludium (Harpeggiando) in C Minor, BWV 921 Benjamin Alard 2:35
  10. 10 Suite in E-Flat Major, BWV 819: I. Allemande Benjamin Alard 3:35
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Benjamin Alard

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