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Dufay: O gemma lux
Huelgas-Ensemble and Paul Van Nevel
Harmonia Mundi
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June 7, 2011

Based on learned mythematical rules, Ars Nova reached a peak of refinement in the work of Guillaume Dufay, the great master of poly-textual isorythm, an art of which the motets may be considered to represent tha quintessence. Written over a period of twenty years, they are an admirable fusion of this etremely complex rhytmic system with an unequalled sense of melody, contributing in their way to the new spirit of the Renaissance

  1. 1 Isorhythmic Motets: Vasilissa ergo gaude 2:59
  2. 2 Isorhythmic Motets: O sancte Sebastiane - O martyr Sebastiane - O quam mira 4:45
  3. 3 O gemma, lux et speculum - Sacer pastor Barensium (Franco-Flemish Polyphony) 5:08
  4. 4 Isorhythmic Motets: Apostolo glorioso - Cum tua doctrina - Andreas, Christi famulus 3:02
  5. 5 Isorhythmic Motets: Rite majorem Jacobus - Artibus summis miseri 3:56
  6. 6 Isorhythmic Motets: Ecclesie militantis - Sanctorium arbitrio - Bella canunt gentes 5:11
  7. 7 Isorhythmic Motets: Balsamus et munda cera 4:20
  8. 8 Isorhythmic Motets: Supremum est mortalibus 5:57
  9. 9 Isorhythmic Motets: Nuper rosarum flores 5:44
  10. 10 Isorhythmic Motets: Salve flos Tusce gentis - Vos nunc, Etrusce iubar 6:12
  11. 11 Isorhythmic Motets: Magnanime gentes laudes - Nexus amicie Musa 5:01
  12. 12 Isorhythmic Motets: Fulgens iubar ecclesiae dei - Puerpera, pura parens 7:34
  13. 13 Isorhythmic Motets: Moribus et genere - Virgo, virga virens 8:44

Huelgas-Ensemble and Paul Van Nevel

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