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MOZART / Complete Keyboard Sonatas
Kristian Bezuidenhout
Harmonia Mundi
Catalogue Number
Release Date
January 22, 2021

In late May of 2009 – during recording sessions for a disc of Mozart piano sonatas (later to become Volume 1) – my producer Robina Young and I found ourselves outside for a coffee break. Robina asked, quite casually, what I fancied tackling next, to which I promptly replied, what about all of Mozart’s keyboard music? It was a wild shot in the dark, ambitious and a little mad perhaps, and I never thought she would agree, but to my surprise, her response was positive. What followed was a seven-year period during which we recorded nine CDs in the luxurious acoustic of Air Studios in North London, all devoted to the mature keyboard music of Mozart. It is, I feel, music that is sometimes overlooked in favour of Mozart’s better-known masterpieces like the mature operas, piano concertos and string quintets. But make no mistake: this is music of great insight, character, beauty and innovation, and I am deeply grateful to Harmonia Mundi and Robina Young for their trust in me, and for the opportunity to have immersed myself so fully in this remarkable repertoire. Now these nine volumes have been collected in one beautiful box set.

Eind mei 2009 - tijdens opnamesessies voor een album met pianosonates van Mozart (later deel 1) - stonden mijn producer Robina Young en ik buiten voor een koffiepauze. Robina vroeg mij terloops wat ik hierna wilde aanpakken, waarop ik prompt antwoordde: waarom niet alle pianomuziek van Mozart? Wat volgde was een periode van zeven jaar waarin we negen albums opnamen in de luxueuze akoestiek van Air Studios in Noord-Londen, allemaal gewijd aan de pianomuziek van Mozart. Dit is muziek met een groot inzicht, karakter, schoonheid en vernieuwing! Nu zijn deze negen delen verzameld in één prachtige boxset.

"‘These interpretations – excellent to outstanding – are interpretations of today.’ Gramophone ‘Bezuidenhout brings out all the drama and intensity.’ BBC Music Magazine"

“Une exploration lumineuse, riche en couleurs et en nuances de la musique pour clavier de Mozart.” Classica

“Kristian Bezuidenhout est une personnalité majeure du monde du pianoforte, au toucher coloriste, aux moyens superlatifs, au goût exigeant et subtil.” Diapason" "„So frisch, so farbecht, so entstaubt klangen diese Stücke noch nie.“ Crescendo

„Mozart at his best.“ Norddeutscher Rundfunk

„Diese Einspielung des Mozart‘schen Gesamtwerks für Soloklavier ist schon jetzt ein Meilenstein in der Interpretationsgeschichte dieses Repertoires.“ Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik, Jahrespreis 2012"

  1. 1 Disc 1 Keyboard Sonatas Vol.1 in F major K.533, in B flat major K.570 Fantasia in C minor K.475, Variations in G major K.455
  2. 2 Disc 2 Keyboard Sonatas Vol.2 Sonata in C major K.330, in C minor K.457 Adagio, in B minor K.540 Rondos K.511 in A minor, K.485 in D major
  3. 3 Disc 3 Keyboard Sonatas Vol.3 Variations in F major K.613, Sonata in F major K.332, in B flat major K.333 Fantasia in C minor K.396
  4. 4 Disc 4 Keyboard Sonatas Vol.4 Fantasia in D minor K.397, in D major K.311 Prelude and Fugue in C major K.394 12 variations on "Je suis Lindor" in E flat major K.354 Sonata in G major K.283, Fantasia in D minor K.397
  5. 5 Disc 5 Keyboard Sonatas Vol.5 Sonata in A major K.331, 6 Variations on "Salve tu, Domine" in F major K.398, Romanze in A-flat major K.Anh.205 12 Variations in B-Flat major K.500, Sonata in C major K.309
  6. 6 Disc 6 Keyboard Sonatas Vol.6 12 Variations on "Ah vous dirai-je Maman" in C major K.265, Sonata in E-flat major K.282, Adagio in F major K.Anh.206a Sonata in B-flat major K.281, 12 Variations on "La belle Françoise" in E-flat major K.353
  7. 7 Disc 7 Keyboard Sonatas Vol.7 9 Variations on "Lison dormait" in C major K.264, Sonata in A Minor K.310 6 Variations on "Mio caro Adone" in G major K.180, Sonata in D major K.284
  8. 8 Disc 8 Keyboard Sonatas Vol.8 Sonata in C major K.545, 8 Variations in F major K.352, Menuetto in D major K.355, Gigue in G major K.574 Kleiner Trauermarsch in C minor K.453a, Sonata in F major K.280, 9 Variations in D major K.573
  9. 9 Disc 9 Keyboard Sonatas Vol.9 Modulating Prelude in F-C, K.deest, Sonata in C major K.279, Allegro in B flat major K.400, in G minor K.312 4 Preludes K.284a, 12 Variations in C major K.179, Sonata in D major K.576

Kristian Bezuidenhout

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