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Handel: Solomon
Daniel Reuss
Harmonia Mundi
Catalogue Number
Release Date
September 16, 2016

Handel was 63 years old when he composed Solomon, one of his final masterpieces. This monumental oratorio depicts the three highpoints of the biblical king’s life: the building of the temple, the famous judgment, and the visit of the Queen of Sheba. With a dramatic instinct keener than ever, the composer did not hesitate to combine political and patriotic reflections with exaltation of carnal love and celebration of earthly riches. This ‘perfect marriage of music and English words’, as Winton Dean has called it, caused the composer serious financial difficulties in 1749 on account of the exceptional forces it required – but today, under the baton of Daniel Reuss, it finds performers totally devoted to its noble cause!

  1. 1 Solomon: Act I - No.1 Overture 6:55
  2. 2 Solomon: Act I, scene 1 - No.2 Chorus of Priests "Your harps and cymbals sound" 3:40
  3. 3 Solomon: Act I, scene 1 - No.3 Air. Levite "Praise ye the Lord for all his mercies past" 4:58
  4. 4 Solomon: Act I, scene 1 - No.4 Chorus of Priests "With pious heart, and holy tongue" 4:44
  5. 5 Solomon: Act I, scene 1 - No.5 Accompagnato. Solomon "Almighty pow'r" 3:15
  6. 6 Solomon: Act I, scene 1 - No.6 Recitative. Zadok "Imperial Solomon" 0:32
  7. 7 Solomon: Act I, scene 1 - No.7 Air. Zadok "Sacred raptures cheer my breast" 4:33
  8. 8 Solomon: Act I, scene 1 - No.8 Chorus of Israelites "Throughout the land Jehovah's praise record" 3:51
  9. 9 Solomon: Act I, scene 1 - No.9 Recitative. Solomon "Bless'd be the Lord" 0:26
  10. 10 Solomon: Act I, scene 1 - No.10 Air. Solomon "What though I trace each herb and flow'r" 5:59
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