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Haydn: Die Jahreszeiten
René Jacobs and Freiburger Barockorchester
Harmonia Mundi
Catalogue Number
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July 31, 2007

When Nature took on new meaning. The transition from Winckelmann to Rousseau marked one of the biggest upheavals of thought in the Enlightenment - and it is perfectly illustrated in these four Seasons with their decidedly Romantic 'descriptivism'! In this music, even though lambs frisk, fish teem and thunder booms, it is the question of Man within Nature that is the central issue. By going back to the very first version of The Seasons (with the orchestral introductions played in their entirety), René Jacobs enables us to relive that day in April 1801 that saw the triumph of old 'Papa' Haydn.

  1. 1 Der Frühling: "Seht, wie der strenge Winter flieht!" 6:00
  2. 2 Der Frühling: "Komm, holder Lenz!" 3:14
  3. 3 Der Frühling: "Vom Widder strahlet jetzt" 0:25
  4. 4 Der Frühling: "Schon eilet froh der Ackersmann" 3:18
  5. 5 Der Frühling: "Der Landmann hat sein Werk vollbracht" 0:25
  6. 6 Der Frühling: "Sei uns gnädig, milder Himmel!" 4:56
  7. 7 Der Frühling: "Erhört ist unser Flehn" 0:49
  8. 8 Der Frühling: "O wie lieblich ist der Anblick" 4:46
  9. 9 Der Frühling: "Ewiger, mächtiger, gütiger Gott" 4:46
  10. 10 Der Sommer: "Im grauen Schleier rückt heran" 4:16
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René Jacobs and Freiburger Barockorchester

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