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A marsh nymph thinks she is so irresistible that Jupiter himself will take an interest in her . . . Brimming with exceptional dramatic and musical verve, this strangely under-recorded ‘ballet bouffon’ offers us Rameau’s art in a nutshell: glittering orchestration, harmonies and rhythms of unprecedented modernity. William Christie and his comrades plunge with delight into what is one of its composer’s most fascinating works.

  1. 1 Platee, Prologue: Ouverture 4:40
  2. 2 Platee, Prologue Scene 1: Branle. Recit "Le ciel repand ici" (un Satyre, le Choeur) 3:04
  3. 3 Platee, Prologue Scene 1: Recit "Que vois-je ?" (un Satyre, le Choeur) 1:08
  4. 4 Platee, Prologue Scene 1: Recit et Choeur "Rendons grace a Bacchus" (Thespis, le Choeur) 0:55
  5. 5 Platee, Prologue Scene 1: Ariette "Charmant Bacchus" (Thespis) 2:38
  6. 6 Platee, Prologue Scene 1: Recit "Menades et jeunes et belles" (Thespis, un Satyre, le Choeur) 1:12
  7. 7 Platee, Prologue Scene 2: Prelude et recit "Poursuivez, Thespis" (Thalie) 0:45
  8. 8 Platee, Prologue Scene 2: Air "Aux seuls humains bornez vous la satire ?" (Momus) 1:01
  9. 9 Platee, Prologue Scene 2: Trio "Cherchons a railler en tous lieux" (Thalie, Momus, Thespis) 0:26
  10. 10 Platee, Prologue Scene 2: Recit "Dans ces lieux, Jupiter lui-meme" (Momus) 0:41
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